Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Smallest Camera vs. Biggest Pencil (WTF?)

This morning, while looking for a mini-camera for our rocket (maybe some day I will tell you something about it). I discovered the one that is called the world smallest camera (in the photo you can compare it with a pencil). This camera, developed by Omnivision may help in medical research giving the surgeons a new and less-invasive-to-the-patient method to many medical procedures. It also allows certain medical devices such as intubation systems and endoscopes to be made even smaller to allow for use on infants and small children.

Some people could say that it could not be as small as it seems ...if the pencil were the biggest pencil ever built... I'm sorry of those who wanted to procrastinate looking for the biggest pencil, because I've already got it:

...Faber-Castell's facility in Malaysia near Kuala Lumpur. This pencil is nearly 65 feet tall and is housed in a glass enclosure. (...)The project required over 7000 man-hours over a two year period to complete. The pencil is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest.
But..friends..I've never find the way to finish my day-by-day procrastinations and I would suggest very hardly 'The Pencil Pages' where you could find lots of 'amazing'(WTF?) things, photos and 'posts' like '
LEFT-HANDED PENCILS - do they exist?'

All this and much more seen @:


via (http://www.therawfeed.com/2006/06/worlds-smallest-camera-for-inside-body.html )


via (http://www.therawfeed.com/2006/06/worlds-smallest-camera-for-inside-body.html )

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