Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Make your blog flourish

'Make your blog flourish' is an initiative propoused by 'yoriento.com' (Spanish) so we could made our blogs flourish. Here I left the-procastinator's one.

This java applet is made using a tool which is being more and more seen on the net. I've been procrastinating to write a post about that tool, that's Processing, a java-based development interface which meet maths with art giving awesome results.

I've done a course about Processing last fall. In groups of two people we made different projects, since a video game to a 'Dress the doll' game. Going throught an mp3 player (our case) or different animations that variate in function of the music. I've been waiting the professor to upload all the works in order to offer all them for you, but I'm losing the hope on this upload.

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Make your blog flourish
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Man Who Sweats Blue: Yann Marussi

I can't find the words to describe what I feel each time I see these pictures.

Yann Marussi inyects in his body Methilene blue and then exposes itself closed in a glass jail at high temperature (in order to swept that methilene blue) in a museum so all the people who wants to contemplate his 'performance' could do it.

Is very hard to see. Is very hard to my mind to accept a man placed in a glass jail in a museum sweating some kind of death-blue with his body discussing itself between life or death while healthy people goes to see that performance.

It's highly toxic and I've read somewere that after all his performances he's carried to a hospital so medicians could extract all this toxic component from his body.

This performance transmits something very hardly...but I could not say what.

I've done this post to reflexionate about the art. Is there a line which art must not go through?


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