Thursday, October 30, 2008

The perfect game for those moments..

I think that I've just found the perfect game for those moments when you are trying to do nothing but you have lots of things to do :-)

Use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to navigate and move your way around the maze to find the exitto the next level.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If Larry Page and Sergey Brin could, why dont I?

As all of you could have seen, yesterday, while registering a name in blogger I made the mistake of searching for 'the-procastinator' instead of 'the-procrastinator'. I found the domain available so I was able to get it.


This story reminded me of those which happened somewhere in the 'Gates Computer Science Building' at 'Stanford University', where Google was born:

...Sean is not an infallible speller, and he made the mistake of searching for the name spelled as "," which he found to be available. Larry liked the name, and within hours he took the step of registering the name ""...

From Googol to Google: The Stanford Daily

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome! (...or what does 'procrastinator' mean?)

Hi Proc(r)astinator's guys,

I'm pleased to announce that from now and (I hope!) once a day I'll post a new thing that would help you in your day-by-day's procrastinations.

At first I would say that the things that would appear in here will be related with aeronautics and science but some interesting games too.

I hope you like them.

As an 'Procrastination for dummies' tutorial for those of you who don't know what procrastinator and procrastinate means,I left here some definitions.

procrastinator, postponer, cunctator
someone who postpones work (especially out of laziness or habitual carelessness)

procrastinate, stall, drag one's feet, drag one's heels, shillyshally, dilly-dally, dillydally
postpone doing what one should be doing; "He did not want to write the letter and procrastinated for days"

An exemple of what procrastinate means:

And a very accurate definition:

And before my first goodbye I'd recommend this classical post about what procrastination is. And you'll also get an important idea:
There are an infinite number of things you could be doing. No matter what you work on, you're not working on everything else. So the question is not how to avoid procrastination, but how to procrastinate well.