Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Leading a crew to a Hot-spot

How the firefight could be improved with aerial IR camera. It would be amazing the moment when we will have hotspot detectors flying over our skys all the fire-season in order to catch the fires before they begin. I'm always thinking in future technologies that we will have in soon. Anyone is thinking in UZ, Unmanned Zeppelins?


Firewatch cobra videos

By the way...
Loockedheed Martin: P-791

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What our Aerodynamics professor thinks about us..

This is the comic that our aerodynamics professor has upload to the "virtual workspace" of the course...while he is grading our exams..

what will be our future?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Why we need to go back to Mars

Some days ago I saw this amazing "TED talk" about sending an airplane to Mars.
About this talk:

"At TEDxNASA, planetary scientist Joel Levine shows some intriguing -- and puzzling -- new discoveries about Mars: craters full of ice, traces of ancient oceans, and compelling hints at the presence, sometime in the past, of life. He makes the case for going back to Mars to find out more."
More info:

Website of the Project: http://marsairplane.larc.nasa.gov/

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ariane-5 Booster Recovery System Secuence

Altitude Events (referenced to Fig) Initiated by

0 Launch phase (1)

+/- 10 km Removal of first safety barrier in control system Pressure
(switching of baro relay) (1)

59 km Booster separation from central stage (2) Electrical signal
Removal of second safety barrier in control system. Supplied by booster
Arming of safety device (BSA).

150 km Culmination of ballistic phase (3)

8.5-27 km Removal of third safety barrier in control system Pressure
(switching of baro relay), initiation of Altitude
Determination System (ADS) (3)

4.8-5.2 km Ignition of nose-cone release expandable tube (4) Altitute from ADS
Ignition of nose-cone separation pistons Time delay from ADS
Separation of nose cone Separation piston force
+ aerodynamic force
Release and deployment of auxiliary parachute Noise cone movement
Release and deployment of drogue parachutes Auxiliary parachute force
De-reefing of three drogue parachutes, Built-in cable cutters
in four steps (5) with pyrotechnic delay

1320-2770 m Activation of drogue strap release pyros and release Time delay from ADS
of drogue parachutes (6)
Release and deployment of additional parachute (7 & 8) Drogue parachute force

1200-2640 m Release and deployment of main parachute (7 & 8) Drogue parachute force
De-reefing of main parachute, in four in steps (9) Built-in cable cutters
with pyrotechnuc delay

0 Splashdown at v <>

More info:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Space Calendar

I've just found the place where all crazy-about-space procastinators can get updated about all space issues week-by-week.


Saturday, January 16, 2010


I hope it was an emergency (there is a pharmacy just in front of the tricycle)

Seen in Graus, Huesca, Spain