Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rocket from-building-to-launch vehicles

As I told you yesterday, we're working in our first amateur rocket. Soon you'll find some interesting news about it @ .

Today we've finished the first construction sesion of two hours, here I left the results:

You could see here our SpaceSheepOne rocket placed on the Transportation Vehicle (we're still waiting for the wheels and the engines ;-) ).

At the final of the session, while taking the rocket to a safe shelve, the rocket-carrier platform reminded me (I'm sure that most of you'll have thought in it while seeing the picture above) the train which carries the russian rockets from the builder hangar to the launch platform :

Proton rocket during transport to the launch pad at Baikonur in Kazakstan.

And, as an experimented procrastinator, I've remembered the Space Shuttle,

and its massive mobile launch platform above the crawler which carries both mobile launch platform and the Space Shuttle.

NASA’s massive mobile launch platform and the crawler that carries the space shuttle
from Kennedy Center’s Vehicle Assembly building to the shuttle launch pad.

You could continue procrastinating in this way following:

Aeronautic/Astronautic pics:

Curious things:

Recommended (spanish): Space Shuttle

News about the SpaceSheepOne:

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